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Saskatchewan Hunting Zones

The Trophy Book Adventures hunt area is located in Zones 62 and 70 along the banks of the majestic MOSSY RIVER.

Saskatchewan Hunter Map

Click here for a downloadable (PDF) Saskatchewan Hunter Map:

Gear List for Canadian  Moose and Bear Hunts

Here are a few items that we recommend you bring with you for your upcoming moose or bear hunt:

trophy book adventures gear list

  • Chest waders- neopreme 3.5mm or thicker, brush resistant with warm thinsulate boot. Ensure they are comfortable as we will be wearing them all day on the river.
  • Warm clothes, and socks, (wools , moisture wicking materials) breathable warm layers that can be added or removed (mornings and evenings on the river will be cold). Waterproof warm jacket as we could encounter rain or snow.
  • Waterproof gear bags for your clothes and sleeping bag.
  • Rubber boots or hiking boots for around camp, even a pair of slippers or such for around the cabin or tent.
  • Warm gloves for in the boat and MULTIPLE spare pairs, good quality.
  • Warm sleeping bag, in a waterproof bag, small pillow, compact air mattress.
  • Camera
  • Alcoholic beverages/mix
  • Day pack ( small back pack ) for during daily hunts
  • Hunting knives
  • A couple packs of Hot Shots , or hand warmers just in case

geritts floatplaneLight weight and less bulky gear is important as for room and gross weight of the float plane

PLEASE Keep gear weight below 80 lbs. PLEASE weigh your gear.

The Majestic Mossy River - Saskatchewan, Canada

The Trophy Book Adventure Outfitting Area and camps was originally purchased in 1999. Our 322,500 acre allocation area is located in Zone 62 and 70 along the banks of the majestic MOSSY RIVER.

The Mossy is an old river winding through the landscape with a large amount of peninsulas, old ox-bows and marshlands which a strong population of Moose call home, making our outfitting area a true wilderness experience.

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"The Majestic Mossy River"

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Trophy Book Adventures Ltd.

"Big Game Hunting along the banks of Mossy River, Saskatchewan"

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