Hunts - Saskatchewan, Canada

Fly-in Trophy Moose and Bear Hunts

Trophy Book Adventure's Moose Hunts are all remote fly-in hunts with float plane charters
to and from Little Bear Lake, Saskatchewan, which is included in price.

Custom Moose Hunts Available Upon Request

• 10 day Moose hunts
• One-on-one Moose hunts
• Multi-day long distance float trophy Moose hunt trips

Hunts During the Prime Moose Rut

The Trophy Book Adventure's Northern Saskatchewan Moose hunts are conducted during the prime rut, typically late September through to mid October. We hunt the river by boat which is an oasis and major travel route for moose during the breeding season.

Due to river characteristics, shots range from 20 yards or less out to 150 yards. This provides exceptional opportunity for bowhunters to get in close as these moose have never seen humans before and have no reason to fear them.

There is nothing more exciting during the calling season to have a 1500 lb raging bull tearing up trees and barking aggressively as he charges in to defend his girls.

Camps are spread out along the Mossy River in prime areas and set to accommodate up to 4 hunters. Each camp has their own designated areas to hunt so everybody has a fresh area to themselves.

Days usually consist of sun up to sundown on the river with a shore line lunch and back to camp for a home cooked meal, and a good night's sleep with the wood fire crackling away.

Dr Bob and his son Alex

Experienced Saskatchewan Outfitter and Guides

Gerritt Preston (Owner/Outfitter) and a couple other experienced Guides have been the key guiding staff right since day one.

"I’m thankful to have great guides. It takes top quality guides with exceptional outdoor skills to look after hunts in such remote wilderness along the river and ensuring you have had a great hunt and want to return. So many cherished friendships and bonds have been created through the years, that my staff and myself are always excited to see my friends return, as they become our hunting buddies."

Moose Transportation Preparation

Game is cared for, deboned and packaged cheese cloth ready for transport with hunter.

Hunting trophies are caped out upon request.

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